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    Post  Canatsey on Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:15 pm

    The Vosch are still genetically human beings, no matter how much they protest, and as such have very little physiologically separating themselves from the rest of the species. It has not been till the 3rd and 4th generation of Vosch born to the Fleet that doctors and other scientists have begun to notice a small genetic shift. Due to the protection of their culture, very few doctors have had ample opportunities to study they biology and genetics of these newest born Vosch and much of the gathered data is difficult to prove.

    Vosch tend to range from 5'1-5'9 in height with those having spent most of their lifetimes in space taller and thinner than those who have spent more time traveling between various space stations and making planet-fall. All manner of hair, eye and skin color can be found in the fleet though darker tones are predominant. Vosch tend to develop larger noses and ears due to their Middle Eastern heritage and are at a higher than average chance of general chemical addiction as well as lung cancer. Fingers and toes tend to trend longer amongst men, with toes occasionally developing an outward curl as if spaying out to grasp objects.

    In the latest generation of Vosch born to the Fleet, a few key genetic differences have begun to crop up amongst the blossoming generation. Men and women are tracking lower than average immune systems, their white blood cell counts significantly lower which leads to an increase in illness and viral outbreaks amongst the Vosch. Many doctors theorize that the lack of exposure to certain dirt-side bacteria and virus's leads to an ill-prepared and thus weakened immune system to develop, after the critical childhood ages they may not be creating the proper resistances. Vosch are also registering higher than average core body temperature, a few points of a degree Celsius at most but enough that standard bio-scans will assume a mild fever in many occasions. Vosch also seem to be a touch more resistant to the extremes of hot or cold, doctors are theorizing that the change in core body temperature allows them to tolerate more extreme conditions like those found in deep space travel.

    It is worth noting that these genetic differences are not, as of this time, as wide-spread nor as invasive as the Ghost genome. Various doctors and scientists amongst the colonies and the Vosch are unsure if this generation suffered a random genetic fluke or if this is a start of a separation from the main race of humans.

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