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    Post  Admin on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:38 pm

    As discussed, we are going to be bringing guest stars into individual games after the first session. Due to Josh's hectic life, we're going to have Jolan come in first game to be our pilot episode's 'guest star' and then release Josh into the wild now that he has grown to maturity and can hunt for himself, or swim to his spawning grounds or whatever nature documentary babble you want to stick here. Jolan will come to spocials as scheduling permits and will stick around as basically an NPC.

    Instead of looking for someone to permanently fill that spot on the crew, we're going to have TWO guest stars per game. Couple reasons for this - they can band together and not feel too awkward or alone, and can play off one another as well as the crew. We can also now get more people in to play in a shorter amount of time.

    Right now we have three pairings of potential guest stars:

    Dave and Char
    Moo and Bailey
    Canatsey and Becky

    Since that'll cover about a year's worth of games right there, I think we should just cut it off with those six until a couple games have passed.

    After our pilot episode, we'll draw from a hat to see which order they'll go in.

    Lemme know if you have any questions/ideas.

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