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    Seven conferences in three systems in two weeks. She was exhausted. They were all so slow to understand, so reticent to believe. In a way, she could sympathize – the notion that Earth could ever be an enemy seemed ridiculous. The idea that your homeworld would turn against you was the stuff of nightmare fantasy. It took hours, mountains of evidence, so many testimonials from colonies who’d been hit by the Inquisition for a dent to be made in the leaders of these places. She had to keep fighting, though. Things were only getting worse.

    Sitting in her cabin, en route to Tenebrous, a comm.. came in from her Magistrate. “Majesty,” he greeted, bowing over the vid. “Is the channel secure?”

    “I think so, Harker,” she replied. “The Serenade is a very quiet frigate. No one even knows I’m aboard, outside of you and the crew.”

    “We’ve received word from Earth. You have been moved up to GILT’s top priority.”

    Baika sighed softly. “It was bound to happen, the way I go flailing about. What’s the official statement?”

    “You’re being called the Earth’s Greatest Traitor.”

    She knew it shouldn’t hurt. She should be inundated to such slander by now. But the pang that came at the words was too sharp to ignore. “How melodramatic,” she commented, trying to play it off before her Magistrate.

    “It’s the Director’s phrase, not the public’s. Not yet,” he added, truthfully. “He calls your summits ‘Anti-Earth Rallies’. Says you’re gathering support for inevitable invasion.”

    “He’s going to come after New Britain,” Baika said ruefully. “But we knew that much.”

    “Your people have been warned, and the evacuations are going smoothly,” Harker reassured. “And we are all, ever man Jack of us, with you, Majesty.”

    The Queen nodded. New Britain had been called England’s Star once. The colony was the first established by the United Kingdom and was its most prosperous and successful venture into space colonization. Discovering the planet was a windfall – it was already able to support life, the land was rich in minerals, the soil was perfect for farming and the climate was temperate. For a time, His Majesty, King Edward the 9th, had ruled New Britain remotely. When he died, England’s government switched to strictly parliamentary, the Prime Minister superseding the monarchy. To appease royalists, New Britain was permitted to retain its monarch as its highest form of government. The sovereign ruler of New Britain and England’s Prime Minister ruled equally but separately. Baika was the seventh monarch, the second Queen of New Britian.

    Now, she was its greatest liability.

    “What does George say?” she asked her Magistrate. If the Prime Minister had turned against her as well…

    “Publically he’s demurring. Privately? England’s fleet stands ready to receive your evacuees.”

    That was a relief in the extreme. She smiled with fondness for George Hasbrook. He was a good man.

    “I’m due on Palisades after Tenebrous,” she said. “How am I getting there?”

    “The Serenade will deliver you to a ship who can bring you there.”

    “What ship?” she inquired.

    The Magistrate paused a little too long for comfort. “We’re working on that. This latest development with GILT has cut our options considerably. We have one lead, though – our girl in GILT says she knows a vessel that might take you, if the money’s good enough. It’s actually captained by her father, of all people.”

    “I trust Quinn implicity,” Baika stated. “She’s risking a great deal spying for us. If she thinks it’s a good idea, follow up on it.”

    “I’ll send a comm. tomorrow, Majesty,” the Magistrate promised.

    “Let’s hope the money is just a bolster to her father’s sense of decency,” Baika said quietly.

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