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    Post  Pendragon on Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:58 am

    Captain's Log- 2581/25/12, 1:13 AM

    I am afrad to go to sleep. He sits, like a great coiled serpent, in the base of my skull and has oh-so-politely informed me that my odds of retaining my sanity are one in about four hundred million; especially once I go to sleep and he gets the opportunity to muck about in my subconcsious.

    I am reluctant to even write dowm what hqs happened, for fear that this will be read some day. It is a strange paradox now; I am not exactly alone because of this... thing... as a constant presence in my head, and yet I feel so incredibly alone. I can feel the crushing weight of it's experiences, now my experiences...

    Hector was both right and wrong; I understand the terrible and incredible perspective this offers- seeing in color for the first time. I thought he meant the hate, but now I see. I can remember the birth of suns and the death of planets; watching cosimc strings pull together in a tapestry in space and the crushing formation of s black hole upon the void.

    He was wrong, also, though. While the world is not black and white, I can easily say that this... thing... is evil. It is malicous, and grows stronger from hate and pain. There is no goodness in it that I have yet found.

    I know two things for a likely fact. This thing would cause untold havoc if released, and I will not let people be hurt. Does this make me now the jailor of the damned?

    I am afraid to go to sleep.

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