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    Dinner on Portico Empty Dinner on Portico

    Post  Baxter on Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:53 pm

    Baxter waited at the restaurant. He was nervous, something he hadn't felt in a very long time. It had been years since he'd seen Min, they were very suddenly thrown into this insanity together, and now he had to figure out if they even liked one another any more. I mean, they seemed to, but it had been years, they'd both changed, and for all he knew when the routine of living in close quarters settled in, she would realize she couldn't stand him. Or vice versa.

    That was part of why he insisted on meeting her. He used the excuse that he was looking for underground...well, further underground tinship races to try and raise some cash, and that would take most of the day, but really he didn't want her to see the process of him getting ready. Instead, he stopped for a shave and a haircut, had his hair braided back in the current style (with the extensions), and put on a reasonably nice shirt with at least sleeves, if no collar. He hadn't packed for dinner. He hadn't needed a dinner outfit for a long time.

    He drummed his fingers on the table, anxious.

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