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    “Lilan Dia has boarded and is asking to see you, ivosch.”

    “Tag her.”

    The young, dusky woman paused to read from her wrist-comm. “Earth-born. Thirty-six. Actress – vid and stage. No children or spouse. Clean record. Very, very blessed.”

    “I’ll see her.” The man pushed out of his chair and stood, and walked down the short metal corridor into the ship’s receiving area. There were several visitors here, most browsing the kiosks and talking with members of his anvoi, but the woman who rose from her seat only had eyes for him. “Miss Dia?” he inquired.

    “Just Lil or Lani, please,” she requested. He lifted a brow, but nodded. “Thank you for seeing me, Jolan a’Vi vas Korah.”

    His surprise was evident. “An Earth-born who knows how to greet a Vosch formally? If you’re attempting to intrigue me, you’ve succeeded. Come. I’ll see you in private.”

    In a few minutes, they were both comfortably settled in the front room of his quarters, and sipping from glasses filled with a honey-infused wine. “Your hospitality is appreciated,” Lilan said sincerely. “The drink is very welcome – I’ve exhausted myself hunting you down.”

    “Good,” he chuckled. “It should always be a challenge to locate a Vosch flotilla on your own.”

    “It seems a little counterproductive for a nomadic merchant ethnicity to not want to be found,” Lilan ventured. “Doesn’t that hurt business?”

    “You answered the question with your own words, Lani,” Jolan chuckled. “We’re nomads. That means we go to the customer, not vice versa. And keeping our whereabouts a mystery ensures we don’t have too many people flooding our ships constantly. When we go dirtside or dock, we have no trouble making sales.”

    “I admit to knowing little about the Vosch,” she said, smiling ruefully.

    “You knew to add the name of my ship when you addressed me by name,” Jolan noted. “That at least shows you did some research.”

    “Well, I studied up a bit, but…it was so muddled with rumors and hearsay…”

    “Such as?” Jolan leaned forward, interested and delighted, grinning.

    “Your people’s proclivity for violence and debauch.” She ticked off on her fingers. “Your seemingly-supernatural ability to procure amazing goods. Your isolationist traditions. Just to begin.”

    Jolan laughed, and the sound filled the chamber. It made Lilan grin, herself – it was infectious. “A good beginning! Well, Lani, I am happy to debunk or lend credence. First of all, we are a people who believe in living life to the utmost. Life, as with goods and money, must be put to fullest use. Just as credits are rendered useless if they do nothing but sit in an account, life is useless if you do not experience anything. Sometimes that is a well-placed punch; sometimes, yes, it is the feel of a heated mouth on yours. But we’re not drunken psychopaths. Not at all.

    “As for procuring our goods, it is hardly supernatural. We are simply expert merchants and, adding to that the ability to travel all over the galaxy, it ensures our wares are always varied and impressive. It’s all about knowing what to sell, where. An apple on Earth isn’t too impressive, but take it to Almina and suddenly it’s worth its weight in gold.

    “And, finally – we aren’t isolationists. It would be hard to be merchants if we were. We simply have a vitally strong cultural identity. Our race has only been in existence a little over a century, and we came from the humble beginnings of three small colonies. But from that we built the Five Fleets, and an empire of merchants. We have our culture to thank for that.”

    “What were the colonies?” Lilan asked.

    “An Arabic prison colony, a Greek and Sicilian mining camp and a small group of UK political refugees,” Jolan answered. “A Russian shipping convoy joined with us almost immediately after we had assembled the Five Fleets, but they were not the founders. But enough about my people – why did you come to see me, Lani?”

    “I want to hire you as crew aboard my ship.” She said it so naturally and placidly, he didn’t even feel prompted to laugh.

    “Most lovely and blessed Lilan Dia, I don’t think you understand. I am an ivosch – captain of a ship and councilman for a Fleet. As tempting as it might be to step down a rung on the ladder, I have no incentive to abandon my people and my station to go gallivanting about with an actress.”

    “Yes, you do.” And she opened her purse to hand him a simple manila folder. He accepted it and opened it, drawing out a photograph of a teenaged girl. “Who is this?”

    “Her name is Kit Dillon. She’s a mechanic aboard my ship. She is also your sister.”

    Jolan looked very calmly at Lilan. “If this is a joke, it is not funny. We take our family very seriously, Miss Dia. Very seriously.”

    “I know,” she replied smoothly, smiling a little. “I did my homework. This is not a joke. This is the baby your parents thought they lost on Telvetica.”

    Jolan was very still, staring at the picture. “She looks a great deal like my mother,” he admitted very softly. “But…the earthquake. They did scans. She wasn't trapped alive in the building’s rubble.”

    “No, she wasn’t,” Lilan agreed. “During the confusion, after your mother was knocked unconscious, someone stole her. When you and your father got to the site of the collapse, your mother woke up and thought your sister was still trapped in the building. The scans confirmed that no one was alive inside. Your parents assumed she had died in building.”

    “Who took her?”

    “A young man who lived close to the warehouse where the Vosch had set up their goods that day. He actually gave her to a pawn-shop owner named Ignus and his wife. The shop owner sold stolen gadgets from the pawn store. Your sister grew up there. Turned into am amazing mechanic and engineer, actually. And I’ve recently hired her as crew on the Embry-Riddle, my ship.”

    “And what’s to stop me from simply going and getting her?” Jolan asked archly.

    “Nothing,” she chuckled. “This isn’t blackmail. Just a bribe. I figured you’d prefer to meet her outside the Fleets and take some time to get to know her and to teach her about her heritage. What better place than on a ship, both of you working side-by side?”

    Jolan paused. “And what would I be doing, on your ship?”

    “Offically, you’d be the quartermaster and bo’sun – in charge of getting us supplies. You’d also be First Mate to the Captain. Normally SecOps would handle that but…the man I have in that position shouldn’t be telling anyone what to do.”

    “How long is the run?”

    She grinned. “Two years, but you can cut that short, if you want. I’m hoping you can take an extended sabbatical, though. I need someone who knows this galaxy inside-out, knows the various cultures and hotspots. I can get us work, but I need to know what the places we’re going are like before I accept jobs.”

    Jolan took a long time to think. Finally, he nodded. “I believe this may be fate stepping in,” he admitted. “I had been thinking of traveling on my own for some time. This is a good reason to decide to go. Very well, Lani – you have your bo’sun.”


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    Jolan quickly made his way back to the ship, sealing the airlock with a relived sigh. He had barely spent time off the ship, just long enough to gather supplies and price check while the sky was still dark. A small shiver runs up his spine as he shies his eyes away from the singular piece of hull still for repairs and quickly heads to his bunk to seek the solace of darkness and cool metal beneath his hands.

    In the past 48 hours his life had been shaken and were it not for his space-legs he may have had far worse of an outburst than a simple punch to Yardley. His long-dead sister comes back into his life, the man whom took her for whatever reason is his Nav-Com, his boss is an alien robot and the ship councilor is a mutant. Jolan wished he could shake his unsettled feelings towards the Captain but he couldn't get over the fact all this was going on aboard without his knowledge. If he had been an ivosch aboard a Fleet ship...

    No, he wasn't aboard a Fleet ship and he had to get used to that idea. Maybe that was his big issue, he wasn't home. This ship was beautiful no doubt, a dream come true to any young Vosch who had ambitions of becoming a Fleet mechanic. The crew was full of stories and he knew that in the years to come he would spend so much time laughing, crying and loving with them all fiercely. His sister was just as beautiful as he remembered, and she looked so much like his mother. Adventure was on the horizon and in his mind he knew he made a good choice.

    But still.

    There was no singing as the ship launched, nor were the sounds of laughter and life echoing from the halls. The lack of pitter-patter of small children was like a void in his heart, the missing sounds of the cook chasing tonight's dinner around the mess hall made his breath catch. There was no sense of history or family for him, no paintings or fabrics from a cousin's mothers uncles wife. Stories weren't being told over the glow of a fuel cell, and there was no silent dancing through the zero-g fields. Everything that made Jolan feel at home was not here, no matter how hard he tried to fill it and put it there himself. No one would give a friendly touch or comforting hug, no one would fight with him when angry or cry with him when upset. Even his sister, the vain hope he clung to that she would be just like any other Vosch, couldn't stand his touch to be awoken by or didn't want to spend personal time with him to learn and just be near each other.

    Jolan stared up at the soft red fabric draped above his bun to help him feel more enclosed. On this busy planet, with billions of travelers in and out, and crammed into an old ship with minimal personal space at best...he had never felt more alone.

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    Thud thud thud THWACK

    Jolan punched the sandbag over and over till his knuckles had split open, then over and over again until the bag was dyed red. It felt good to get this rage out of him, this anger that he felt threatened to overtake him like it had the other councilors. The negotiations had gone sluggish, the Vosch penchant for expressing emotions as they're felt leading to many fistfights in the middle of the discussion amongst the Chorus. Tempers were boiling, emotions were high and the tension each day the negotiations continued could be cut with a knife.

    Thud thud thud THWACK

    Never before in their peoples history had anyone WANTED to leave the Fleet in such large numbers. Sure, the occasional family would depart or a child would not return from a pilgrimage...but a whole 1/5th of the Fleet wanting to tear away and start their own Fleet? It was like someone had stabbed a knife into the heart of the Vosch, families and whole clans of people torn apart. The smell of inner war was on the tip of every tongue, and it seemed that the only thing containing the fire were these talks. Like they were actually accomplishing anything.

    Thud thud thud THWACK

    And over Christmas no less! A wonderful holiday, one had was trying to spend with his sister...then the goddamned Fleet decided to get a hair up their air hose and cause this mess. Would she be able to forgive him for not attending, hell what would the rest of the crew think? It's hard to spend bonding time with a crew when your constantly being pulled away...but the Fleet was his home and he needed to take care of it. At the same time, this kind of fighting was NOT what home was supposed to be about, and the cold looks and sneers at laving his ship from the other Councilors had given Jolan enough anger to knock out more than a few teeth.

    Thud thud thud THWACK

    If he wasn't at home in the Embery Riddle, and he wasn't at home amongst the Fleet...where was home?

    Thud thud thud THWACK

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