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    New Generation Ship Project Announced!

    Haight Enterprises has announced its plans for a new self-sustaining, generation colonial ship. Using the data collected from the infamous Far-Gone, Haight has determined that another ship can be built and the risk of Pandorum eliminated.

    “We’ve just discovered that the Pandorum outbreak was not, as we believed, simply the effect of psychological strain due to isolation or being so cut-off from humanity, “ Dr. Charles Baker, the new project’s lead, said in a statement earlier this week. “Certainly that was a contributing factor, but the real culprit was a combination of enzyme deficiency and improper ventilation.”

    Baker went on to explain that, unexpectedly, humans in deep space who are confined to a metal vessel eventually begin to stop filtering certain microscopic metallic elements through their lungs and stomachs. Their body adapts to the environment in such a way as to discard a particular enzyme that blocks such elements, to better process the artificial air. The adaptation and, subsequently, the metallic elements, unfortunately, are what produce Pandorum in one out of every seven individuals who exist in such conditions. Those who spent a great deal of time in hydroponics were less-susceptible. By supplementing that enzyme artificially, the adaptation does not occur, and the metallic elements continue to be rejected by the lungs and stomach, and therefore do not induce Pandorum.

    “To understand this outbreak and to be able to fix it so simply is wonderful encouragement to attempt this incredibly important achievement again,” Dr. Baker says. “We have pushed exploration of space to the limit in terms of hypersleep and colony-jumping. Without generation ships, we’re never going to be able to make any significant discoveries or advances in the realm of space exploration.”

    The project is set for completion in a year, with all-calls for crew and passengers expected to post within the next three months.

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