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    “Cain, I’m desperate.” The voice on the comm. had a pleading tone, rather than panicked. “They want to start the excavation tomorrow, not next week, and Barry won’t be home ‘til Thursday.”

    “Can’t she just stay home alone?” Cain asked. “She’s sixteen. Come on, sis.”

    The woman sighed. “I’d let her if we both weren’t out of contact. At that depth, I can’t get comms. unless she goes to the station and radios down from there. If something were to happen, I wouldn’t know. And Barry’s on Kilimanjaro riding out the blizzard. It’d take him a day just to get home if an emergency cropped up. Please, Cain. It’s only for one night.”

    This was the problem with having a younger sister who was part of a husband-wife archaeology team. They went all over the damn place. Usually, they took Ava with them.

    “She can’t go with you?”

    “No. She has school Monday and decompression alone takes a week,” June replied. “Cain, come on. I never ask you for favors.”

    “I have to go to San Francisco tomorrow, June – meeting some of the crew on-board the Embry-Riddle to do some work on her.”

    “Can’t you take her along? She’s crazy about space-travel. Wants to be a ship’s doctor when she graduates.”

    He considered. Min would be there. Ava would probably have a good time…so long as she didn’t get too near Hector. “Okay, June,” he finally agreed. “Tell Barry I’ll send her home on a shuttle flight Sunday morning.”

    “You’re a lifesaver, Captain,” June declared. He grinned, knowing how pleased she was he’d found work again on a ship.


    Ava liked Uncle Cain. He had never treated her like a child – he’d always treated her like a person. His conversations with her were never dumbed down, and he asked her questions about things that really mattered, and was really interested in what she had to say. Even when she was little, they’d gone for ice cream and sat on the stoop of her parents’ apartment, licking their cones and discussing world events, philosophy, anything they could thing of. He never stayed long, and he wasn’t big on hugs or presents, but that was okay. She’d rather have an uncle who was genuinely glad to see her but didn’t get all sappy, than an uncle who dumped lots of gifts on her at birthdays and Christmas, but never even looked her in the eye.

    The fact that Uncle Cain was going to babysit her lessened the annoyance of being babysat. She knew he wouldn’t treat it like she was too young to stay alone. In fact, he’d called her before her mom did.

    “Hey, Ave – you wanna come over to San Francisco tomorrow night? Thought I’d show you my new ship.”

    She wasn’t stupid. “Mom wants you to babysit, huh?”

    “Look, kiddo, we can buy into your mom’s view of the situation, or we can just have it be a casual visit to the west coast, some dinner, and you meeting my crew. Why let her decide your attitude and perspective?”

    Ava grinned. Uncle Cain always told it like it was and never tried to coddle her. “I guess you’re right. Who’s gonna be there?”

    “Ship’s doctor, our security officer, our navigator, our…priest, and the owner.”

    There were three people in that list that immediately captured Ava’s interest. “Okay, wait – first, I get to meet the doctor? That’s awesome. Second – you have a priest? And third – isn’t the owner Lilan Dia?”

    “Right on all counts,” Cain answered.

    “I watched an old vid of her the other week. When the Whistle Blows. I liked it. A little mushy, though.”

    “Well, you two can discuss it at length,” Cain tempted. “Your mom says to use her account and get a shuttle ticket. I’ll pick you up and take you to the Embry-Riddle.”

    Ava was already stuffing clothes into a duffel bag. “If I have to, I have to,” she sighed, pretending to be reluctant.

    “See you tomorrow,” Cain said.

    “Aye aye, Captain,” Ava replied.

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